3 Magnificent Ideas of the Free Crochet Rose Afghan Pattern

3 Magnificent Ideas of the Free Crochet Rose Afghan Pattern Rose Ba Blanket Marrose

The free crochet rose Afghan pattern may simply remind you to the artworks of your grandmothers some decades ago. Interestingly, this idea is still good to be applied in this modern day. You can apply the pattern for the curtain, tablecloth, or even your own scarf. So, what are the ideas generated from this pattern? Here they are.

Red Rose Afghan in Lines

For curtains and scarves, this idea is very suitable. It is about some roses in strings and they are also made with the red color. Sure, you can use other colors if you want. But to maintain its vintage look, the red looks better anyway.

Victorian Afghan Roses Pattern

The roses here are not arranged to be strings or others. They are grouped in some parts. Slightly, they look like flower bouquets for real. You can apply some types of colors at one. One of the flowers can be in red while others are in white or blue. It is so stunning, isn’t it?

Floated Rose Pattern for Blanket

Do you want to make your blanket look warmer and more beautiful at once? You can apply the floated roses there. The roses are made from crochets. Then, they are stitched to make some floats in colors.

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