Quick Large Crochet Doll Patterns to Choose

Quick Large Crochet Doll Patterns to Choose Sale 2 Patterns Large Crochet Doll Patterns Voodoo Doll Etsy

Well, making a new doll for your little girl to be added into her collections with the cute amigurumi pattern can be your best choice. These easy and quick crochet doll ideas are simple patterns that you can make in a short time. these dolls show you with cute mary janes and a lovely dress, and you can adjust the colors as you want. You are able to match the hair color with your little one’s hair or choosing a fantastic thing such as mermaid hair or purple hair. These patterns will show you with the single crochet stitches and there are some color changes as well. You can make Large Crochet Doll Pattern or even tiny dolls.

Crochet Mermaid Doll

This is a very cute and adorable crochet mermaid and you can find free patterns anywhere. Your little girl will love it.

Miss Molly

You should know that Miss Molly doll became a huge hit that you can check on its website and this doll has a fabulous free pattern to try.

Green Mermaid Doll

There are so many crochet mermaid dolls that you can choose as the best reference and it is a free pattern that you want to try. You can make it in Large Crochet Doll Pattern.

Cecilia Kira

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